This post is about my all time favorite drink aside from wine. It’s called Natural CALM!

Does the name not sell itself?!

There’s a reason why I chose this product as my official first one to review. It really does what it says it does.

About four years ago, just after ET was born, I started to get muscle aches in my neck and upper back. I’m certain it was postpartum stress, coupled with the fact that I had just carried a ten pound turkey-baby for nine months and now I was being forced to carry him “on the outside”. Babies are so needy. Then the headaches started. Tension headaches that would just throb and throb for hours. By the end of each day, I’d be weeping into my lavender Calgon, “take the pain away”…

Having absolutely NO time for this nonsense, I typed “natural remedies for body aches and pains” in to my Google search, and Natural CALM came up. A quick trip to my fave vitamin shop, and I had this magic potion in my clutches at last.

After drinking just one cup of this stuff, I was hooked.

Within a week of drinking CALM daily, I noticed the eyelid twitch that was slowly driving me to insanity was missing. And the annoying thigh muscle spasm I would get off and on, had stopped. I started using it to ‘hurry up’ and take a mid-day nap when I knew I had a long day and evening ahead. It never made any sense to me, the advice: Parents of new babies should sleep when the baby sleeps. As if sleeping on cue were just that easy. What about allllll the everything I need to get done!? WHAT ABOUT THAT. Well, it turns out I can nap on cue. CALM helps me do it. I drink a cup, take a half hour nap when I get a minute, and wake up refreshed. Magic!

Natural CALM is made by a company called Natural Vitality. Here is a link to their site:

I tend to get easily anxious and wrapped up in my own thoughts. CALM helps with that too. Did you know magnesium is known for its anti-anxiety effects? I did not know that before using CALM, but it’s true. It really does help.

Very simply, CALM is Magnesium in powder form.

This magnesium, listed as ionic magnesium citrate, is derived from citric acid and magnesium carbonate. That just means this blend is absorbed quickly in your body.

  1. Use it for headaches, sleeplessness, stress/anxiety, tension-related aches.
  2. It takes effect immediately.
  3. There are a few different flavors, sweetened by organic Stevia. Or there’s the Original kind, which is what I use.
  4. Absolutely NO groggy “sleep hangover” feeling after using this.
  5. The powder form of magnesium gives you control of how much you want to take.
  6. All natural ingredients are used in Natural CALM. Non-GMO certified & vegan.
  7. It fizzes and steams up for the first few seconds after you mix it into your water so you can definitely pretend you’re Bette Midler is The Witches of Eastwick.
  1. The taste is… different. Kinda hard to explain, but some people might find it metallic tasting. I don’t mind it, personally. There are ways to doctor it up.
  2. For some people, magnesium can cause diarrhea. I suggest taking a small amount at first, and build up your tolerance if you feel a little loose 😉
  3. The price is around $22 so it’s on the pricier side. I find it priceless though!
Here’s how I take it

First, I grab my fave mug and fill it with about 6oz hot water.

Second, I add about three teaspoons of Natural CALM original flavor.

*be careful at this step because it really fizzes up! If you stir it right away, it’ll get buck wild and overflow your mug*

Third, gently stir.

Fourth, I add about half teaspoon honey and squeeze of lemon.

Then… sip… ahhhhhhhh… zzzzzzzz…

Tell me, have you tried Natural CALM? If not, run right out and grab yourself a bottle, then let me know what you think!

*hey kids, I’m not a doctor so check with your general practitioner before taking any over-the-counter vitamin or supplement*

Also, here is some additional reading about magnesium. If you’re anything like me, you will want to study this obsessively.

Magnesium Supplements: Different Types & Different Benefits