I am one fortunate little lady. I grew up with the best possible scenario for a dad.

A dad who took me to ballet recitals and dance practices. A dad who woke up with me in the middle of the night when I ran to his side of the bed because I had a nightmare. A dad who would cook me the perfect golden brown grilled cheese.

A dad who was there.

He left massively high standards for anyone looking to measure up to his superb dad-ness.

When I met Andrew, I could have never imagined he would surpass all that. He is everything my dad was and more.

He is affectionate.

When the boys get a scrape on their knee, daddy kisses it, no questions asked. There is never a shortage of hugs and kisses when daddy is nearby. The boys know they are absolutely adored by their dad.

He shows them patience.

On many occasions it takes OJ a long time to answer a question. While I can sometimes jump in and try to fill in the empty air time with a word or answer to the question, Andrew waits. He knows to give it time. OJ will prepare his answer when he’s ready and Andrew just gets that.

He treats the boys the way he’d want to be treated.

He shows them respect and they in turn, respect him. They trust him wholeheartedly.

He encourages them.

There’s not a damn thing those boys can’t do in Andrew’s eyes. You wanna be a racecar driver? Cool, buddy! You can do it! You wanna be a toilet seat engineer? We’ll get ya in to classes for that, ok bud?

He ENJOYS them.

He is silly, creative, fun, tickly, flip-upside down-ey, lets imagine a platypus’ car under the ocean, let’s give each other crazy alter-ego names, let’s build a bomb shelter with army guys, fun fun fun dad.

Yep, he’s that dad. And I’m one lucky lucky girl to have him.

Here’s to all the amazing dads on Father’s Day. Especially the best one of all; my husband!

Tell me about the superb Dad in your life! I want to hear about him 🙂